Give up!

Hi my lovely Readers! How are you all? I hope You all are doing well😊.

So, I wanna talk about give up!

We’ve seen many people who want to fulfill their dreams, wishes. but not everyone get whatever they want right.

You need to work hard on that and if you worked hard but not get success, it’s okk Don’t take stress or don’t giveup just try and try, one day you’ll reach wherever you want.

Like, if you are not getting things on your way just trust yourself and your dreams. If you want it from your heart you will definitely fulfill that.

also Don’t rush take it easy and take each step carefully and whatever it is try to enjoy every moment like, if You are in trouble or facing hard time just enjoy that too cause that is what makes you smile and not regret that when you were facing hard time you just west that time of your life thinking about giveup but whatever situation is just face that with enjoying that okay🙃.

That is exactly what I do whenever I feel like that. yes, even many time I feel just give up on that thing when I can not reach that but I wanted that thing from my heart and I believe that one day I can do whatever I want and that is the reason I’m waiting.

okay, lemme tell you my story in short, so I wanted to do a thing but unfortunately things not went on the way, I mean I needed permission for doing that and unfortunately I was not getting permission for that like I asked many times, every time I got the same answer then just recently I got the same answer then I literally felt like now I can’t do that I don’t want to do that anymore so I decided to give up on that.

Just after two days of deciding to give up when I see anything regarding that thing I literally cry, and decided that I will wait for the right time and I will not give up.

so now I’m waiting for the day I will get permission and start doing that I believe in my dream that one day I can fulfill that. and this trust will make you stuck on your dreams. So again I’m saying beleive in your dreams and don’t care about what others will think just take it easy take a deep breath and start working on it.😊

That’s it we’ll meet again in my next blog till than Take very good care of yourself and your family💜. I love You all and please comment your Dreams. what is your dream? and what are you doing for that okay🙃.

Lots of love to you all. Now you all are like my family members.💜


After long Time

Hello My dear WordPress Fam…. How are you all doing?? I hope all of you are doing well 😊

First of all Heartily apologizing for being inactive…

I am going to start blogging again from next month.

I have my exams from 8th April to 19th April so I’ll be back soon… very soon

Take care everyone. Love Yourself and Your Family 💜

I love You all… I’ll see you later

DIY mask

Hellooo my WordPress Family

How are you all. I hipe you all are doing well and stay safe.

So, during this covid we need to follow SMS (Sanitization, Mask, Social distance).

So here I tell you about mask. We have to wear mask so we need to make it more attractive, so that people will love it and make it and wear this. And be safe.

So we need only some painting brushes, Acrylic colour, and mask.

Then draw whatever you want to draw.

Here I share an example that you can draw.

So go and watch it and do like share and subscribe to my channel.

Also Don’t forget to do some creativity on your old mask and make it new.

First Week Of College😍

Helloo everyone ! Hope you all are doing well and stay safe.

First of all so sorry for being inactive here. But now I will try my level best to be active here🤗.

So Today I am going to share my first week experience of my college life.

I am studying B.A. with English and it’s my first year and studying in BAHAUDDIN ARTS COLLEGE JUNAGADH, in India, Gujarat. Here I am sharing the Facebook page of my college and you can follow this.

So, my first week was too good. When I came to college first time I didn’t know where is our class. But that is the experience.

In our Break time I got my I card at first day. And then day by day I knew more about college. And All of my college staff members are such a nice.

And day by day I was being comfortable with my friends also.


Hello everyone!! How are you all!!! Hope you all are doing well and stay safe…

So Today is very special day for brother and sister.

According to Hindu Religion this Purnima day of the month of Posh (January) is called “Poshi Punam”. At this day sister keeps a fast for the whole day and after that at night obtaining the consent of brother takes food in the presence of the moon.

To my brothers😘❤️
I pray that God will give you all the happiness of my part and may your life will be full filled with happiness and you will never face trouble in your life.

Thank you for always being protective. Thank you for everything that you gave us. Thank you for trusting us.

We both your sisters love you a Lots.😘😍❤️

Happy Republic Day🇮🇳

Hello everyone!! Hope you all are doing well and stay safe.

Happy Republic Day to all of my Indian Friends🤗🇮🇳

Republic Day is a national holiday in India. … The Constitution was adopted by the Indian Constituent Assembly on 26 November 1949 and came into effect on 26 January 1950 with a democratic government system, completing the country’s transition towards becoming an independent republic.


Helloo everyone! Hope you all are doing well and stay safe.!

So! Today I am here with new Award blog ! And I am nominated for “THE OUTSTANDING BLOGGER AWARD” BY SONI.

Thank you so much SONI COOL for nominating me for this award !🤗

She is such a sweet and Amazing Blogger! Here you can find the link of her blogs.👇


* Provide the link to the creator’s original award post, (very important: see why in last step)
* Answer the questions provided
* Create 7 unique questions
* Nominate 10 bloggers. Ensure that they are aware of their nomination. Neither the award’s creator, nor the blogger that nominated you can be nominated
* At the end of 2020, every blog that ping-backs the creator’s original post will be entered to win the 2020 Outstanding Blogger Award!..
This award was created by Colton Beckwith originally…

Soni’s Questions :

1. How are you planning your time for blogging ?

Ans. There is no time planning for blogging, but I like to write blog in the evening.

2. Have you faced any failure ?and any lessons learnt from it ?

Ans. No, I didn’t faced any failure, but I learnt many things from my life and one thing I am writing here is that do not expect anything.

3. What is your proudest achievement so far ?


4. Who are your favourite bloggers and why ?

Ans. According to me every blogger is my favorite because everyone give their 100% energy / effort to write their blog.

5. If you would be given chance to choose between an island and colud restaurant, what would you choose ?

Ans. If you are asking me to choose between an island and colud restaurant then I will choose island.

6. How do you motivate yourself to keep blogging ?

Ans. See, I like to read other blogs. So, everyday I am waiting for new blogs. So, I think that other people also read my blogs and waiting for my new blogs ( who is waiting for my blogs ? Raise your hand in comment🤗)

7. As per you what is the best social media for blogging ?

Ans. According to me, I like the most social media for blogging is WORDPRESS. Because I can see all my views from which country. Also I can read other blogger’s blog. That is why I like WordPress for blogging.

My Nominees Are :

1. karmenjurela

2. Princess

3. Maisy

4. Cindy Georgakas

5. Jofina Anna Reji

6. Carlamilho

7. Viewfromoverthehill

8. da – AL

9. Coffeenewstom

10. Island Traveler

My Question for My Nominees :

1. Give two fun facts about your blogging ?

2. Do you like to spend your time on Beach during Sunset ?

3. If you will have to choose between Family, Friends, Job, A big House, Big car, then which thing will be your first priority ? Describe this one by one give a number to this with short reason.

4. Do you like to listen Music ? And When do you listen Music ?

5. Which are your best ways to control your anger ?

6. Is there anyone in your life with whom you can share your personal feelings ? And Who?

7. Who is your Inspiration ?

Hope you guys like my blog and If you like it then like my blog, write a comment and Follow me for more interesting blogs🤗.


Hello everyone!!! Hope you all are doing well and stay safe.

Today I want to share with you about some creative ideas for decorating home.

Let’s discuss it step by step👇

  • Wall
  • Roof 
  • Door 
  • Window

Now Its time to explain it in the details..

First we starts with wall so I give you some unique and innovative ideas for decorating wall.

  • Wall

In this time everybody decorate their wall as other people decorate. But I give you some unique ideas. So, everybody fix artificial sticker on wall but that is a common idea. But we should paint original art on our wall. Like this👇

Most of people put big picture on their wall but we can make A photo frame at our home without waste our money. Like this👇I made this photo frame at home.

Most of people also put artificial plants on their wall but You can put a real plant into a transparent bottle and add some water into that bottle.

You can try anything with your wall but do some interesting.

  • Roof

If you like sky than you should decorate your roof like you can put a sticker of stars⭐️,Moon🌒,etc….And also you can draw that. That looks real. And If you don’t like that both idea and you like to see real sky when you’re going to sleeping you can put a transparent window on roof so that you can see the real sky.

1. Transparent window on roof. 2.  Painting of sky on roof.
  • Door

We can take two types of door 1. Single Door 2.  Double door. In this days everybody take single door and also that door is fancy looking but I like double door and designer old fashioned door. But It’s looking gorgeous. So we can decorate our door also we can put handmade “Toran” 

And If you want to get fresh air, you can put small window type out of your door.👇

  • Window

You have many options for your window design. And there is many types of windows we can put into our room. We also can put full transparent window but it has a disadvantage that in night people can see what is happening in our house. And we also can put a handmade “Toran”.
And If you like “desi” look so you can put a wooden windows.

If you like this you should try this. It’s looking beautiful.

Hope you Guys like my blog. Give a like write a comment that how is it and also follow me for more interesting and juicy Blogs.😇🤗