Hello everyone.!! Hope you all are doing well and stay safe.!!

Soo..!! Today I want to talk with you about food.!!

In this modern time we all like to eat just fast food.

Fast Food

If we see our past, our grand father, they eat only healthy food.

Healthy Food

They were eat only healthy food, and also they eat only two time in a day.

But If we take a look on us.. what we are eating ! We love to eat Burger, Pizza, Panipuri, and all.!!

Now there is a trend of decorating food. We also see food’s look that how our dish looking, how beautifully our dish decorated.

Our generation can not eat food like our olds can eat, we can not eat same quantity of food.

Lets take a look onto our grandfathers. They never needed to do any exercise and also had diet food. Why? Because they were eat only healthy food. And If look at us then we eat only junk food all the time.. then we have to do exercise and also we hav to eat only diet food.

And also our olds never needed to take medicine and went to hospital because they were eat healthy food so they never got illness. Now take a look on us, Most of people have to take medicine or go to hospital after eating junk food.

So, I want to say that we all should eat healthy food so that we don’t need exercise or diet food or take medicine.

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