Hello everyone !!!Hope you are doing well and stay safe !!

So Today I want to share with you about DREAM

according to Google dream means,

-“to see or experience pictures and events in your mind while you are asleep.”

-“to imagine something that you would like to happen.”

Everybody have a dream. Dream is different in also age wise like 10 to 15 year old have a dream to become something and 20 to 30 year old have a different Dream to achieve something.

Job wise dream is also different.. for an example , Teachers have a dream that his/her students get all success in their life.

So everybody not have same dream like policeman has different dream from doctor.

That is not enough to watch dream and then wait for when your dream come true.

If you watch dream then you have to do hard work for fulfill your dream, If you don’t do hard work then you are not able to get success in your dream. You should give your 100% energy for your dream.

And the most important thing is what should we do , how should we react if our dream not come true. ?

We should give our full energy and do hard work for fulfill our dream. And if we not do hard work then we will lost our dream.

See ! We should not feel sad that our dream not come true. Don’t be sad if your dream not come true! We should try back or set different goal and again try to achieve that.

So! Hope you guys like this blog and also share my blog, write a comment and also don’t forget to follow me for more interesting Blogs.

29 thoughts on “DREAM😍

      1. Its ok to have less followers. When did you start blogging?
        I will tell you my Blogging journey. I started blogging on February and I got my first follower on April. After that it take more than one month for second one. Now I have more than 300 followers.
        So just wait. Follow others. Comment on others post. ( not to follow you, about there writings). Write continuously. If you have a account on Twitter share your posts on Twitter. I hope it help you. If you need any help you can ask me. Keep going. Don’t stop writing. Also if you don’t mind change your blog name into a unique one. Thank you

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      1. Woooww I will pray to god that you will get admission in fashion Designing.. We have not only same age but also we have same Dream.. I will do fashion Designing after completing my graduation.. By the way how old you are?

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