What is Hobby??
As Google Baba informed me,”Something that you do regularly for pleasure in your free time”

So, Today I want to share with you my hobbies. Now you are thinking that why I wrote on my hobbies, because I have not one, two or three hobby I have so many hobbies.

So I will share my hobby with you. You can also do as I am doing, If you want.

My first hobby is to listening Music. I like to listen music on every moments, When I feel sad, angry, happy, etc. When I listen music, I feel relax and You can also listen music when your mind is in stress.  Music is one of the best medicine to relieve stress.

My second hobby is writing a book only in English. I write a book (my personal book). In that book I write my all things which I felt. I wrote everything like I told other person like my father .You can try this during lockdown, If you want.

Blogging is also my hobby. It helps to improve my English and also It helps me how to write all things one by one. You can also start to writing a blog. And If you don’t want to write then you should read others blogs.

Drawing is also my hobby. I draw many things. I like drawing. I can draw many things which I never seen. I am sharing with you some of my drawings.

I also like cooking and I like to cook new new dishes. Don’t forget to share your favourite dish in comment section.

Traveling is also my Hobby.

And don’t forget to share your hobby in comment box.

Stay Home 
Stay Safe


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