Hello everyone ! Hope you all are doing well and stay safe.

Last year of school life means 12th standard. 12th is last year of school life after 12th you comes in your college life.

Every students miss this time because it is the time when you can enjoy it so much. You have to study hard because it is not only last year of school life but also it has a board exams. You can do everything in your last year.

It is different in Science, arts or commerce students. I have experience of Arts student’s last year because I am an arts student.

If you study hard from start of year, you can easily pass exam with good marks in any stream. And If you study, when your exams will start, it is difficult for any student.

Starting of your last year is going good and simple. After 3-4 days your 12th course starts and after that you got homework and you start preparation of test and all.

After you don’t have time for enjoy but you can enjoy in your break time. And also when teacher is not in your classroom.

But remember don’t do other activities during your teacher teach you. Just focus on your teacher teaching you and try to understand.

One common thing every students do during prayer.. I don’t need to write that because everybody knows this, even teachers also know because they also did this in their student life.

 Girls has a talent that when their teacher leave from classroom and another teacher not comes in room, girls talk and enjoy every moment and also they can talk when teacher in the classroom, I mean when teacher check homework of other students.

I want to tell you the students have fun with those who still have 12th left and also who passed student life, they should remember every moment and enjoy that moments.

I will share with you about my last year experience of school life in my next blog.

Enjoy every moment of your life. stay safe and Always be HAPPY.

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