Education is very important for both boys and girls. In this century, If you want to be successful person, You should  be educatede .

  But in our society Girls education becomes an important issues as it is ignored.

   It is generally believed that educating a girl is a wastage of time and money because their daughter will be married and go in other family. So That should be focus on preparing them for better housewife.
     But educating a girl has many benefits like……

  • It helps them to make better decisions as they are informed and aware.
  • Girls can bring change in our society and its thoughts.

  If girl were uneducated, then they would not be able to enjoy the joys of reading,writing and learning. That would be a shame because education opean a persons mind. 

  MAHATMA GANDHIJI said on girls education that,   ” If you taught a boy, then you taught only one person; but If you taught a girl, then you taught a whole family.”

  Usually society thinks that a son deserves a good education so that he can get a good job and support his parents in their old age, but the reality is totally opposite with this thought.

There is nothing in this world which a boy can do and a girl can not do.

“A son is a son until he gets a wife but a daughter is a daughter all her life.”

Enjoy Every moment of your life. Always be Happy.

Thank you for reading this blog.


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