Hello everyone!!! Hope you all are doing well and stay safe.

Today I want to share with you about some creative ideas for decorating home.

Let’s discuss it step by step👇

  • Wall
  • Roof 
  • Door 
  • Window

Now Its time to explain it in the details..

First we starts with wall so I give you some unique and innovative ideas for decorating wall.

  • Wall

In this time everybody decorate their wall as other people decorate. But I give you some unique ideas. So, everybody fix artificial sticker on wall but that is a common idea. But we should paint original art on our wall. Like this👇

Most of people put big picture on their wall but we can make A photo frame at our home without waste our money. Like this👇I made this photo frame at home.

Most of people also put artificial plants on their wall but You can put a real plant into a transparent bottle and add some water into that bottle.

You can try anything with your wall but do some interesting.

  • Roof

If you like sky than you should decorate your roof like you can put a sticker of stars⭐️,Moon🌒,etc….And also you can draw that. That looks real. And If you don’t like that both idea and you like to see real sky when you’re going to sleeping you can put a transparent window on roof so that you can see the real sky.

1. Transparent window on roof. 2.  Painting of sky on roof.
  • Door

We can take two types of door 1. Single Door 2.  Double door. In this days everybody take single door and also that door is fancy looking but I like double door and designer old fashioned door. But It’s looking gorgeous. So we can decorate our door also we can put handmade “Toran” 

And If you want to get fresh air, you can put small window type out of your door.👇

  • Window

You have many options for your window design. And there is many types of windows we can put into our room. We also can put full transparent window but it has a disadvantage that in night people can see what is happening in our house. And we also can put a handmade “Toran”.
And If you like “desi” look so you can put a wooden windows.

If you like this you should try this. It’s looking beautiful.

Hope you Guys like my blog. Give a like write a comment that how is it and also follow me for more interesting and juicy Blogs.😇🤗



  1. What fun ideas that almost anyone can do to freshen up a space and give it a little personal pizzazz! Thanks so much for following our travel blog, Oh, the Places We See. Hopefully, we’ll be traveling again soon and sharing ideas that you can use as well.

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  2. Hello, Krishna! Your blog is great. I made a post on Liebster Award. I would highly appreciate if you could check it out and participate. In other words, I nominate you for the Liebster Award.😊

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