Hello everyone! Hope you all are doing well and stay safe !

As I told you in my last blog that I will share with you my experience of last year of school life.. so today here I am.

During this last year I enjoyed soooo much and studied nicely and did everything.

Starting of last year was going good. We were soo happy because me and my friends were together in same class but after some days we were divided into different class. 

But because of our good luck, we joined two tuition classes in our school and we were met after completion of school overs.

During that tuition classes we were enjoyed too much. I mean we enjoyed everything which we could not enjoyed in school time. 

Our teachers also behaved with us like a friend. And they taught us friendly.

When we had any questions, we asked them and they answered us very nicely.

 We participated in some competitions. And we not participate in whichever competition, we enjoyed together that moments.

Me and my friends enjoyed too much our last year. And also we do other activities during class. But whatever we did we got permission from our teachers and after that we did that. 

In break time we eat together. When we wrote assignment papers, we ate after school over and before tuition. But during those days we realise that we could more enjoy our brunch.

We really enjoyed this last year and missing it too much.


Enjoy Every Moment of Your Life. Stay safe and Always be HAPPY.🤗


Hello everyone ! Hope you all are doing well and stay safe.

Last year of school life means 12th standard. 12th is last year of school life after 12th you comes in your college life.

Every students miss this time because it is the time when you can enjoy it so much. You have to study hard because it is not only last year of school life but also it has a board exams. You can do everything in your last year.

It is different in Science, arts or commerce students. I have experience of Arts student’s last year because I am an arts student.

If you study hard from start of year, you can easily pass exam with good marks in any stream. And If you study, when your exams will start, it is difficult for any student.

Starting of your last year is going good and simple. After 3-4 days your 12th course starts and after that you got homework and you start preparation of test and all.

After you don’t have time for enjoy but you can enjoy in your break time. And also when teacher is not in your classroom.

But remember don’t do other activities during your teacher teach you. Just focus on your teacher teaching you and try to understand.

One common thing every students do during prayer.. I don’t need to write that because everybody knows this, even teachers also know because they also did this in their student life.

 Girls has a talent that when their teacher leave from classroom and another teacher not comes in room, girls talk and enjoy every moment and also they can talk when teacher in the classroom, I mean when teacher check homework of other students.

I want to tell you the students have fun with those who still have 12th left and also who passed student life, they should remember every moment and enjoy that moments.

I will share with you about my last year experience of school life in my next blog.

Enjoy every moment of your life. stay safe and Always be HAPPY.


There are many places where you can talk with yourself and the most beautiful and favourite place is beach.

Adri Beach, Gir Somnath Gujarat.

And specially you go at the time of sunset is like golden opportunity for you.

Beach on the time of sunset is one of the most beautiful natural place.

If you go on beach at sunset time you can find that your mind feels free and relax.

In your daily life there are many things happens in your mind and you face many problems.. so you come at beach and you can talk with yourself and  your mind feel relax and you can solve your questions.

If you want to feel relax, you have to do one thing, just go to beach and give some space to yourself.
The view of sunset on beach like, sun sets on the beach and its look like sun goes into sleeping mode…

Really sunset is the most beautiful thing and specially on beach, your mind feel free….

You can see some birds flies in the sky….. and on sunset time you sit near the sea. For this whole time forgot yourself and enjoy the moment but going into Ocean is risky..

You can find calmness like, you are live in a city then this is the most beautiful place for calmness..
Just sit on beach and enjoy the moment of sunset. and you  can also sing a song. whichever thing you  would like to do you can do that. No-one come and judge you..

For that sometime just forgot your life’s problems and enjoy the moment…

And most beautiful thing is I am writing this blog on beach… we specially come at the beach to write this blog and I am sharing with you my personal experience..

And also you can see many birds very closely and animals also..

If you like my blog and also you like to spend your time on beach at the time of sunset, so comment your experience and share it with your contact and share this experience…..

Thank you for read this blog….

Always be Happy and Enjoy every moments of your life.


What is Hobby??
As Google Baba informed me,”Something that you do regularly for pleasure in your free time”

So, Today I want to share with you my hobbies. Now you are thinking that why I wrote on my hobbies, because I have not one, two or three hobby I have so many hobbies.

So I will share my hobby with you. You can also do as I am doing, If you want.

My first hobby is to listening Music. I like to listen music on every moments, When I feel sad, angry, happy, etc. When I listen music, I feel relax and You can also listen music when your mind is in stress.  Music is one of the best medicine to relieve stress.

My second hobby is writing a book only in English. I write a book (my personal book). In that book I write my all things which I felt. I wrote everything like I told other person like my father .You can try this during lockdown, If you want.

Blogging is also my hobby. It helps to improve my English and also It helps me how to write all things one by one. You can also start to writing a blog. And If you don’t want to write then you should read others blogs.

Drawing is also my hobby. I draw many things. I like drawing. I can draw many things which I never seen. I am sharing with you some of my drawings.

I also like cooking and I like to cook new new dishes. Don’t forget to share your favourite dish in comment section.

Traveling is also my Hobby.

And don’t forget to share your hobby in comment box.

Stay Home 
Stay Safe


Hello everyone ! Hope you all are doing well !

So ! Today I want to share with you my award nomination.

Firstly, Thank you so much @JOFINA ANNA REJI for nominating me for Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award.🤗

Jofina is also a very good blogger. And also don’t forget to check her blog.🤗

Rules :

1. Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link back to her/his blog.

2. Answer their questions.

3. List the rules and display the ” Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award” logo.

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My Answers of her questions

1. What is your favorite thing about blogging ?

My one of the most favorite thing about blogging is that I can share my thoughts with everyone.

2. Where do you see yourself after 3 years ?

I see myself after 3 years as a nice human being.😊

3. What is the greatest lesson you learned in 2020 ?

Time is most important thing and don’t waste it because we can never use wasted time.

4. Your best way of spending time ?

Writing. I mean to say that every good and bad things which happens in my life, I write that all things in a book.

And also I listen music for spending my time. ( For me this is the best thing for spending time when I have nothing to do.😅)

5. Do you love to spent time alone ?

Yes ! I love to spent my time alone specially when I feel sad or angry.

So that’s it..

Once more time Thank you so much for nominating me for Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award. Thank you Merak_Ibe with Jophiel.

Thank you everyone for read this blog.



Hello everyone !!!Hope you are doing well and stay safe !!

So Today I want to share with you about DREAM

according to Google dream means,

-“to see or experience pictures and events in your mind while you are asleep.”

-“to imagine something that you would like to happen.”

Everybody have a dream. Dream is different in also age wise like 10 to 15 year old have a dream to become something and 20 to 30 year old have a different Dream to achieve something.

Job wise dream is also different.. for an example , Teachers have a dream that his/her students get all success in their life.

So everybody not have same dream like policeman has different dream from doctor.

That is not enough to watch dream and then wait for when your dream come true.

If you watch dream then you have to do hard work for fulfill your dream, If you don’t do hard work then you are not able to get success in your dream. You should give your 100% energy for your dream.

And the most important thing is what should we do , how should we react if our dream not come true. ?

We should give our full energy and do hard work for fulfill our dream. And if we not do hard work then we will lost our dream.

See ! We should not feel sad that our dream not come true. Don’t be sad if your dream not come true! We should try back or set different goal and again try to achieve that.

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Hello everyone.!! Hope you all are doing well and stay safe.!!

Soo..!! Today I want to talk with you about food.!!

In this modern time we all like to eat just fast food.

Fast Food

If we see our past, our grand father, they eat only healthy food.

Healthy Food

They were eat only healthy food, and also they eat only two time in a day.

But If we take a look on us.. what we are eating ! We love to eat Burger, Pizza, Panipuri, and all.!!

Now there is a trend of decorating food. We also see food’s look that how our dish looking, how beautifully our dish decorated.

Our generation can not eat food like our olds can eat, we can not eat same quantity of food.

Lets take a look onto our grandfathers. They never needed to do any exercise and also had diet food. Why? Because they were eat only healthy food. And If look at us then we eat only junk food all the time.. then we have to do exercise and also we hav to eat only diet food.

And also our olds never needed to take medicine and went to hospital because they were eat healthy food so they never got illness. Now take a look on us, Most of people have to take medicine or go to hospital after eating junk food.

So, I want to say that we all should eat healthy food so that we don’t need exercise or diet food or take medicine.

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Benefits of Government School

Helloo Everyone.. How are you ?. Hope you all are doing well..

So Today I want to talk with you about Government School.

First thing I want to tell you that If you want to take good education in law fees and all, then you have to study in government school.

I am not telling you that good education is only available in Government school and not in Private school. But I wnat to tell you that Private school take too much fees and Government give education in free. And If any government school take fees then it’s most of price is 2,000/- to 3,000/-.

Now let me tell you more benefits of Government School…..

• For getting scholarship, Government School help to open a bank account.

• Your child get free books from government

• Your child get school dress without any charge from government school.

• If Your child does not have an Addhar card, let government school help.

• As per rules, if the distance from home to school is more, the vehicle rent is paid by government.

• Various competitive examinations of the government, prizes are also true along with participating in the competition.

• Also available supervision, monitoring from taluka, district and state level for quality check of education.

• Unit test and various campaigns for the educational development of the students.

You have to think about this..

Hope you enjoyed to read blog and tell me in comment that how is this blog and what you think about Government School.


Hello everyone, Hope you all are doing well.

What is the real meaning of freedom?. Freedom means that you can do anything whatever you want. Freedom means you can take your all decisions yourself without any kind of help.

Freedom is that where you can think anything without any fear. And also you don’t afraid from what people think.

Freedom means where the mind is led forward by you into ever-widening thought and action into that heaven of freedom.

Freedom is, in which people have the opportunity to speak, act and pursue happiness without any fear.

Let me give you an example of freedom, so an example of freedom is that a bird being let out of a cage.

Freedom is important because it leads to enhance expressions of creativity and original thought, increased productivity and an overall high quality of life.

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